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DisPossess Webisode 2.4

Series 2, Webisode 4. Sense and Perception call a team meeting to sort out who’s been tampering with the gates of hell only to discover there’s now a zombie. The team head off to follow their orders and Sense and Perception get an unlikely offer from Ghostman. Max was right, zombies are like vermin, there’s shit loads of them.

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DisPossess 2.3 Play Film

DisPossess Webisode 2.3

Series 2, Webisode 3. Griff tries to persuade Perception and Sense that he hasn’t messed around with the eradication room, offering other solutions to it’s current blood leakage. Tim and Felix discover a new threat, one they’ve always thought never existed. This changes everything. Shit just got apocalyptic.

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DisPossess 2.2 Play Film

DisPossess webisode 2.2

Series 2, Webisode 2. With the prospect of lots of hobnobs, the Vicar opens the underwhelming door to Hell so Chastity, Max and Maxine can go in search for Dawn. Tim uncovers a nasty problem with the eradication room and naturally all eyes land on Griff. Well he did mess with it last time.

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DisPossess 2.1 Play Film

DisPossess webisode 2.1

Series 2, webisode 1. The DisPossess team are back. After Nigel’s attempt to destroy the DisPossess failed, the group set up shop elsewhere and begin to plan an unearthly revenge on Ghostman. However, Dawn is stuck in Hell and Chastity is determined to get her out.

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