‘Departmental’ originally written as a one off drama, Departmental was shortlisted for the final 12 for the Wales Drama Awards 2012. I am currently adapting it into a feature film.

‘Previous’ co-written with Hayley Treacy (see Treacy & Hardy)

‘The Reinvention’ comedy drama series about the reinvented, revived and highly controversial ‘Greatest show on earth’.

Do get in touch if you’d like to chat about any of the scripts in development.


I started screen writing in 1999 with my first film retri6ution. It was pretty ropey. Comprising of lame serial killers, ball scratching coppers and when filmed, it contained a large amount of crap fake blood. That said, it got me my first paid writing job.

In 1999 and 2000 I wrote the award winning drama’s Smacked Up and Fired Up. Both featured as case studies in the BFI’s publication ‘Being Seen, Being Heard’.

In 2003 and 2004 I wrote the Gospel Entertainment Music Awards show for BBC 1 and BBC radio and was commissioned to write independent dramas About a Pig (2003) and The Get Out (2004). I never knew what happened to the pig on the shoot but the coffin appeared a few years later when they cleaned out the canal.

During this time I was still involved in writing for theatre. Supported by the Arts Council England, in 2004 I co-wrote Branded a new play for KS3 drama which also went into production and toured in the West Midlands. I adapted Jacqueline Wilson’s books ‘Vicky Angel’ and ‘Suitcase Kid’ for the ‘W-Factor’ at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton and wrote 2 plays for ‘14/48 – the worlds quickest theatre festival’.

From 2005 I concentrated on writing for screen and have been commissioned to write numerous dramas including The Universal Law (2007), Normals (2008) which won the bronze drama award at the US International Film and TV Festival and IVCA awards in 2009, Truth (2009), Beyond the Gates (2010).

Short films include BBC broadcasted Give and Take (2005), The M.A.T.H Project (2007)The Crooked Dolls House (2010) Spam & Mash and War Kids (2010)  Ashes (2012) and Doug (2013) (co-writer).

I’ve also been commissioned to write a zombie film Colossal Terror (2009) which involved a lot of good fake blood.

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